Our fellow habitants of the planet Earth, may we ask you a few questions:

Do you have an idea, suggestion or plan to improve our planet?
Do you think we could improve our way of living?
Would you like to help make decisions related to our future?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this site is for you.

The next and most important question is: How can we make things better for our planet?
The recipe is simple:
Reveal and formulate the principal problems mankind has now.
Look for all the possible solutions for each problem.
Choose the optimal solution or the optimal combination in each case.
Try to solve each problem using chosen solutions.

Each of us follow this recipe in our everyday life using our mind. But each mind, even a genius one, is too weak to comprehend the life of all mankind. Let's combine abilities of our brains (modest or genius) into one decision-making conscious. Global problems need Global Mind Share

Announcements :

Our Vision

Each of us is just a human being. All together we are the noosphere, i.e., sphere of the mind!

This is why we, the people of the planet Earth, have come together here, on this web site to share our vision of goals and objectives that we, as the mankind, have in the nearest or foreseeable future.

To establish such goals and objectives, we first need to formulate the most important and urgent questions and/or problems which require our immediate attention and solution.

Then, we are going to discuss possible answers to these questions and different approaches to solving these problems in the most effective, simple, and harmless way.

We encourage each of you to submit questions or problems that you personally consider as the most vital for all of us now. To make your input more meaningful and less general, we would like to aggregate all you questions and problems into nine subject areas (see Submit Item page).

Please formulate your question or problem related to one of these areas. Then, submit your suggestion using the Submit button.

Your inputs will be published on our dashboard (View Submitted) only if they meet simple and obvious Terms of Use. All of them will be analyzed, aggregated, and prepared for voting. Finally, together we will determine a list of the most important questions and current problems of humanity. We will then vote on submitted inputs of all of you.

In the next step, we will use the most effective methods of crowdsourcing, crowd creation, and crowd wisdom to discuss each of the high-rated problems and find the most possible and the most effective solutions.

Our PCs are already connected. Let us now connect our brains into the one Global Mind!

About Us

Global Mind Share is an International Non-Profit Organization to connect our minds.

It is an important member of Infinity Familly which has goals that are similar to the goals of Global Mind Share.

Together we are building a global cognitive network that aggregates the problems faced by and solutions suggested by mankind. This is a tool to maximize the collective thought power of our planet to improve future prosperity and happiness of all people.

All the world's people want a better future for themselves, their children, their grandchildren, and all future generations. Global Mind Share will collect the problems that are most important to the world, the problems that must be solved if mankind is going to survive and endure. Then, we will solve them together. Once solutions are suggested and rated, the most popular solutions are passed on to international decision-making entities.

We urgently need your help!

There is nothing that we cannot achieve together!

Our Founders

George E. Mikhailovsky (Mi hai 'lov sky)

Dear friends,
Let me introduce myself. I am George Mikhailovsky, President and founder of Global Mind Share. I was born in Moscow, Russia and graduated from Moscow State University as a biophysicist. After post-graduate education, I defended a thesis on chemical carcinogenesis and gained a Candidate of Science degree. Then my interests changed to system ecology and further to bio oceanography. I participated in more than twenty arctic biological expeditions and scientific cruises of Russian Academy of Science into all the five oceans, and was in charge of some of them. At the same time, I elaborated on multi-dimensional statistical models of plankton communities and wrote computer programs using FORTRAN and later C to implement them. In 1983, I became a Doctor of Science defending a thesis on system ecology.

In 1995, after winning a Green Card in a lottery, my wife and I moved to the United States. After this, I improved my programming skills learning Visual Basic and then PowerBuilder, and started a new career as a programmer and then systems analyst. In 1999 I met Gary Sorrell, the most outstanding person in my life. At that time Gary had 30 years experience as a corporate founder, CEO, CFO, and COO for several companies. He has more recently been the Treasurer and Auditor for a non-profit organization. Gary taught me a lot about life, its values and meanings.

About a year ago I came up with an idea for Global Mind Share, a web site where all habitants of planet Earth could formulate the most principal problems of mankind and discuss how to solve them. Gary was the first friend outside my family with whom I shared this idea and who immediately supported me to develop such a site. We decided to found an international non-profit organization called Global Mind Share and to start this web site to provide everybody a place to submit the problems, to discuss them, to choose the most crucial of them, and to look together for their solutions.

Today we welcome each of you in your new home. It will be all of you, not us, who will make it cozy, warm, and attractive. We will keep the web site running, but it is you who will submit problems, write comments, and elaborate the best methods of collective thinking, crowd-sourcing, and crowd wisdom. Any of you who are ready to volunteer in running and developing this project, please go to the Contact Us page and send a message to us. If you want to help us, but don't have time to volunteer, you could donate any amount of money affordable for you at the Donations page. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

In the middle of the last century, French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Russian geochemist Vladimir Vernadsky elaborated on a concept of noosphere, the sphere of human thought. They believed that a time would come when creative people all over the world would combine their intellectual forces to ignite a spark of the global mind. Hasn't this time come now with global spreading of the Internet and social media? If you agree with this, then you are in the right place.

Let's spin a web of noosphere together!

Gary Sorrell

My name is Gary Sorrell, Chairman of Global Mind Share, and currently serving as Secretary and Treasurer for the organization. When George first shared this concept with me, it was the most exciting idea I had heard of in a long time and, of course, I encouraged George to pursue the concept and create a web site to do what he wanted to do to improve our world. Not only was I excited about this, but other family members found it interesting and some of them are now involved in the web site development process. With George's background and dedication to every project in which he has ever been involved, I knew he would create something that would be beneficial for all mankind, and he has achieved that already. Under his direction, the web site is now operational and will grow over time with the help of all of you who visit the site and offer your suggestions and submit problems that you believe are most important to ensuring our planet will continue to be a great place in which to live and raise our children. I hope you will join us as we continue to use and improve the Global Mind Share web site.

As George has said, let's spin a web of noosphere together!

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Any items that contain racial, violent, extremist, fascist, or other politically incorrect meaning will be rejected without any notification.

Submitting Items that are either meaningless or repeat already submitted ones could be rejected, usually with notifications and short explanations.


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